Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In the last 2 weekends we've been blessed with 2 incredible showers! One of which was a complete surprise! 2 weekends ago I visited my family in O'Fallon and on that Saturday Gloria and Carol (from my parents church) threw me a shower at Glorias house. It was so nice. I was overwhelmed by the generosity, not just of the gifts but of the shower itself and the good food set up on nice dishes, it was so pretty. Then last weekend Jake and I traveled down to Branson for a final getaway before Raeleigh. We spent all day Saturday down there then stayed the night and came back Sunday, it was so great. Then we got back in time to relax a bit and then headed to what I thought was just a BBQ with a couple friends at Jacob and Bethanys house, but when we opened the door, before I could even look in I heard a bunch of people yell "Surprise!" and a pink balloon blew out the door. So I knew, surprise baby shower! Usually I'm suspicious of things like this but I seriously had no clue. There were some great friends there and we did still in fact have a BBQ and we played games and opened gifts. Both showers left me feeling truly blessed and incredibly grateful for the friends and family in my life.

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