Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working out the kinks

When a house sits vacant for months and months there are going to be some mechanical problems you encounter. Well on the first day we encountered 2! Jake noticed the toilet in the master bath was leaking out underneath the tank onto the floor. So he tried to tighten the bolt to stop the leak. And maybe the seal was dried out? or who knows what. But woosh! The whole tank of water came out and flooded the bathroom floor. Which we really have to worry about now that we have a downstairs that the water can flood through to. Well I wasnt there but Greg, Jake's stepdad was. He told him to grab some towels, Jake had no clue where any were since nothing had really been unpacked yet. He ran to the garage and finally found a big bag of towels and he ripped the bag open and threw a couple under the toilet and tried to clean up what was on the floor. We do in fact have a small water mark on the ceiling downstairs now.
So.. that was the first issue. Second.. the reason Greg was there was to help us turn on the water heater, it was giving us some trouble. So he had turned it on then left. A little bit later I was back home and we were downstairs looking at the water stain when we heard a trickling sound. I told Jake it was probably just the washing machine. He didn't think so. So we went to the utility closet only to find a pipe coming out of the water heater spewing water onto the floor. There is a drain in there but it was coming out so fast that it was flooding and going up the drywall. We ended up calling the warranty company and they sent a plumber out the next day. He tells us we need an all new water heater. The warranty people were a little skeptical of us filing a claim the same day we start service but they finally agreed to cover it. Praise the Lord! So today we are getting a new water heater. Yay! I'm going to take the best long relaxing shower ever tonight.

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