Friday, March 23, 2012


To answer a question some of you may be having, YES, I was skirting the issue of the remaining unseen DIY project from when my Mamacita came to visit.  Reason being,
1. It needed tweaking, and 
2. Whilest tweaking, my Mom's sewing machine broke and she had to buy a new one.

Lets take a moment and mourn the loss of my Mom's sewing machine.  My Dad bought it for her their first Christmas together as husband and wife.  He went all out and got the best of the best so it has lasted over 30 years!!

But now, on to the project, it's a faux roman shade!  I got my tutorial here.   But actually first saw it used here.  I wanted to use the exact fabric that was used on the Evolution of Style blog, which was actually a tablecloth from Target!  But they no longer carried it.  Bummer, so I used the same fabric that was used on my table runner seen here.

Cutting a straight line through the pattern on that fabric was the hardest part of this project for me.  Check out my concentration!

 Here you can see my Mom working hard sewing the shade. 
Once completed, I wasn't totally happy. (Didn't get a pic of it)  But it seemed like the white of the fabric just blended in with the light blue walls and it needed something to set it off.  In the next pic you can see where we pinned on a black stripe to test out the new idea.  

 And that's what we went for!  .... much better!

 And here I'm just showing the "faux-ness" of it.  It's just draped over tension rods. =)
 There you have it!
Someday my cabinets will be white and my countertops will be black and someday I'll have nice trim around my windows, but for now, this is what it is and I'm happy!

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