Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Garden Update

My other DIY post will be saved for next week, because it needed a little tweaking.  You'll see what I mean. =)

Today I'm showing off a little garden progress.  The tilling is done and the railroad ties are down.

 And again the dirt in front will be getting grass seed.  We just pushed it out there to level the very hilly ground.

And we are hoping to get enough dirt from putting in the patio to fill these beds, but if we don't we'll buy extra.  The sides will be landscaped... bushes, flowers, those kinds of things, and the middle is the garden.
 Jake even put in a step for Raeleigh. =)

I took this pic because of my excitement for spring, it's my willow tree starting to turn green!

Just for fun..... check out the before and current.

We're gettin' there!

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