Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Series of Fortunate Events

There is something I think about often.  How my life today wouldn't be if it weren't for a series of fortunate events.  Of course I could date it way back but I will start it sometime in the middle of college....

- Kari and I often visited the Mudhouse while in college.  One day while visiting there were some goofy dudes hitting on us.  At the same time there was a cute boy sitting nearby.  One of the dudes would not leave Kari alone when suddenly the cute boy spoke up and said he better leave Kari alone because she was his girlfriend.  We had never talked to this boy before but he saw how annoyed we were and he rescued us!  That boys name was Justin Calhoun.  We then became good friends with Justin and followers of his local band 'Codie'.  So I guess he's the one that got us into the Springfield music scene.  All from a chance encounter.

-Skip to a few years later.  I had graduated from college and after moving to and living in Springfield for a bit (my college was in Bolivar) I decided to move back to my hometown of O'Fallon, MO.  There were some great things about living there, but I was overall miserable.  I was not supposed to be there.  So one day on my way to work I sent a text to a few people I knew in Springfield asking if they knew of any job openings.  One person I sent that text to was Phillip Burmood.  I knew Phillip because he was at one point the drummer in the aforementioned band 'Codie'.  Phillip not only knew of a job (Receptionist at the salon where he worked) but he also offered the extra room in his house for me to rent.  And so I did!

-I set my time to move back to Springfield just a day before a Playing With Matches show.  (another band in the Springfield music scene).  Playing with PWM was the band A Day Away though I didn't know this until later and didn't pay any attention to them.

-I started working at the salon and after a week or two of working there, a boy walks in and starts talking to me. He was nice but I sent him on back for Phillip to do his hair and I thought that was that.  Well it wasn't.  It became like High School and Phillip said to me "My client thinks you're cute would you consider going out with him?"  I decide to do a walk by and check him out a little better.  He was sitting there with hair color slathered all over his head and a big black salon cape on him.  He looked goofy but nonetheless I said I'd consider it.

-That boy was Jake Turner, lead singer of A Day Away, the band I didn't notice AND.... my now husband.

It's just really neat when you think about all of the details that had to fall into place for us to meet one another.  And at the time that we did.
-Kari and I deciding to go to The Mudhouse that day.  (Not an easy thing we lived almost an hour away!)
-Sitting where we did in the Mudhouse.
-Deciding to add Phillip on my text's "To" list
-Me rushing back to Springfield when I did to see the show, which in turn got me there in time to be working at the salon when Jake's appointment was.

And had we met any sooner it probably wouldn't have worked because when we did meet I was 24 and he was 20.  Much better than me being 22 and him being in High School!  We had even determined we ran into each other at one point the first time I lived in Springfield, on the steps of my exboyfriends apartment building. (No joke, how crazy is that?) But we weren't supposed to meet just yet.

Thanking the Lord for that chance encounter with Justin Calhoun that led me to this day with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter!

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