Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Dream Come True!

For as long as I've been obsessed with interior design I've wanted to go to a magical place named Ikea.  You would think there would be one near me in either St. Louis or Kansas City.  Both cities where Ikea would do amazingly well.  But alas there is not (still dreaming of the day), the closest Ikea to me is either in Dallas, TX.  That is 7 1/2 hours away!!  Depressing.  BUT, while in California I got to make my dream come true and visit an Ikea.

Now of course it was just a tease because all I could buy was stuff I could fit in my suitcase while still being sure it would not put my suitcase over it's 40lb weigh limit.  However, I made the most of it.  Here are pics of my visit to Ikea!

I was so excited I had already started taking pictures from a distance!

Getting closer!

Good year blimp and Ikea.

You may notice I didn't get a lot of great pics in here.... I was too busy admiring everything and shopping!

Within minutes Raeleigh started getting upset so my shopping was distracted by having to keep her calm.

A pretty chair!

Would love to have this sofa table bahind our sectional!

And it's only $159!!!  The prices at Ikea are just amazing.  I do NOT mind putting things together myself to save some money.

Crabby pants wanted out of the cart so she could run around and play.
(Note: Ikea actually has childcare available but being our first time in an Ikea and in a city over 1,500miles from home we didn't want to put her in it.)

This random play station kept her occupied for a bit.

The showroom floor was SO fun to look around.

I LOVE white cabinets with black countertops.

Silly girl.

Pretty vanity!

Jake tried hard to keep Raeleigh happy so Mommy could shop.

She can't resist Daddy, she can be all kinds of cranky and he can still make her laugh.

Raeleigh getting sleepy on my shoulder.

Jake likes to take random pictures....

He was taking pictures of pictures...


I almost bought one of these guys...

I was having way too much fun playing with it.

Sleepiness turns into loopiness....

Loosing the strength to fight her sleepiness.

Can't... sit.... up....

Sorry Raeleigh!

Another random picture by my husband.

The haul: 2 Christmas presents for Raeleigh, 2 throw blankets, duvet cover, rug, curtains, kitchen items, lap table, fake plant.

I was so excited to go inside that I didn't get this picture until we were leaving.

It is a MASSIVE store.

I knew Ikea would be awesome but it was even more awesome than I imagined it to be.  So if you are reading this and live near an Ikea, don't take it for granted!  There are may like me out there that would just about kill to have a store by them.


I made many small changes around the house over the weekend that have made a huge impact.  I'll post pictures soon.  Also, Jake and I have started in on the Operation: Make the garage pretty and organized.  We spent all day Monday on it so we've made a lot of progress already.  Saving pictures for when I can post a full before and after. Hoping it will be sooner than later!

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  1. Yay! I am so excited that you had a dream come true! You deserve it!