Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Without Further Adieu...

 Raeleigh's big girl room!

But how did we get here?  Let's look back.  When we first moved into this house (May 2011) I just made everything look like it did in her room at our last house. Same wall color, furnishings, etc...  The downside of that was that this is a much bigger room than her last one so it never looked right, it just looked like big space with stuff around the perimeter.

A perfectly good room but it never thrilled me.  I was always looking forward to the eventual big switch-over to the big girl room.  I was inspired by a few different rooms on Pinterest but one above all was "London's Big Girl Room" which you can see HERE.  I don't remember exactly when I first saw it but I think it was in March or April 2012.  It was exactly what I had pictured for Raeleigh's room and I was so happy to have a direction to work toward.  From that point on I was ready to start slowly collecting things for her new room.  It started in May when I saw these great fabric letters at Silver Dollar City.
At $5 a letter, it was a little pricier than I had hoped (especially when your daughter has a long name) but for the impact I knew it'd have, I decided it was worth it.  I think the next things I bought were on our vacation to California in August.  I got her duvet cover, curtains, a frame and lap desk at Ikea.  (SO happy there's one finally coming to Missouri!)  After that I just hit up places like Hobby Lobby, Target and Ross'.  Around the beginning of November I decided I needed to wait until after the holidays to do her room.  So then the last week of January it was!

The weekend was just about here and then I realized as all moms tend to do..... this is the last of something... her last night in her first bed.  It was her crib that turned into a toddler bed where aside from the first 3 (colic filled) months of her life, we had put her to bed.  So I busted out the camera to put my heart at ease.

Also, Roxie's not allowed in Raeleigh's room but I guess she sensed something was going on because when we turned around, we saw this...
So with that sad face of course we had to let her in!

The next morning I got up early and drove Raeleigh 2 hours to meet my mom in a city between me and her.  I handed my little miss over (which is always so stinkin' hard to do) and I drove right back home.  I stopped off at Lowes first and picked up my paint (I had decided on Valspar's Sea Breath).

The first day I pulled everything out of her room, every last little thing. 

 (Note the dirt marks on the wall that look like crib slats.) =)

The last thing I left up was her name on the wall.  It was so hard to take down.  We had another one at the last house that I had carefully taken the "R" off of and framed.  Again to put my heart at ease I took the "R" off of this one too.  Only this time i just stuck inside the back of the frame of the first, just so I had it (If that makes sense?).  Also, I needed to FINALLY take down the awful stars the first owner had left up. 
Something we had put off doing because when we took them down it looked like this.
Blue tacky stains all over the ceiling.

Next I started in on priming and painting the ceiling in the closet, then it was on to priming and painting the shelf in there too.  

And that was about it for the first day.  The next day I had Jake at home with me.  We primed over those awful blue dots and painted the ceiling.

Having never painted a ceiling I was SOO happy with the results!  Then we painted the white wall that would become the striped wall.  Got a picture of my helper in action.
He's great at "bulk" painting, I do the edging.  Which let me say this was the first I ever strictly "cut in" without taping.  I prefer it so much more and you get a much better result.  So the only thing I did tape was the stripes.  And that was the last thing I did that night.
 The next day was our last full day and it was the fun one!  First thing we did was get the pretty blue on the walls.  

And I was so happy!  It was just the color I had imagined her room to be!  

Then the really fun stuff!  Getting to put all the new stuff in! 
The headboard I bought off craigslist for $25 and painted yellow.  The bed frame and mattress were from Sams and I'm so happy with them!  This kind of bed frame doesn't need box springs so that leaves extra room for storage underneath!  And the mattress is so comfortable!  Actually I'd say it's more comfortable than ours that was 4 times the price of hers. :/

Ok and after all my blabbering, here's the final result!

And in the end, what mattered most?   ..........it was Raeleigh approved!!

There are some minor things left to do, but there it is! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Love her room! Raeleigh looks like she gives it two thumbs up for sure - and who can blame her?? I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

    1. Linked up! Thanks for the invite and the compliments. =)

  2. I absolutely love the bedroom! I saw a bedroom with similar colors and accents and fell in love with it and was using it as inspiration for my daughters new bedroom coming soon when we move, but I love the wall behind the head of the bed that you did. Such an awesome job! Love it!

    Saw you at the off the hook party, new follower of yours too :)


    1. Thanks! I was also inspired by a lot of great Big Girl Rooms that I saw on Pinterest. There are so many pretty ones out there! Good luck on the move. And thanks for following!

    2. Could I bug you to ask where you got the pink Chevron pillow from and the bow pillow. I am trying to find fabric to do them myself and everything is out of stock. I also love the throw blanket on the bed with the pink and teal..

    3. (sorry i just saw this!) Yep! I got the chevron pillow from Gordmans of all places. I think it was only like 11.99. The bow pillow I got on clearance at Target last fall so it may be out of stock now? The throw blanket my mom made. =) I'll pass the compliment on to her. =)

  3. Congratulations! You've been featured on Wicked Awesome Wednesday! Your room redo is breathtaking! Please stop by the website to pick up your "I've Been Featured!" button.

    1. Thanks so much! I have! I was so excited to see you chose to feature her room. Thanks again!