Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Weekend

Our weekend was great and I truly despise when the weekend ends. Because now I'm amidst another week where I don't get to see Jake. However, back to the weekend, it was very nice. I wanted to do something extra fun so I called the hotel in Kansas City that we stayed at when we got engaged, its right off the the plaza. I thought itd be fun to stay there then shop and eat. However, they were all booked up. So Branson it was!

We went to Silver Dollar City and Jake had found out his good friend Joe was going with his girlfriend too. So we hung out with them and rode a couple rides. Jake got his skillet medley and I got my funnel cake. Then we went to Tanger outlet mall. It was busier than I have ever seen it and I've been going there for YEARS! But it was fun stuff. Old Navy had a sale 40% off everything in the store no exceptions!! We found some great stuff but overall we didn't find as much stuff as we were wanting to buy so we decided to head back to Springfield and go to the mall. We had one pit stop on the way at the place my family and I like to call "Apple Tree Gate Mall" its just a huge flea market. I thought maybe I could find some fun stuff for the house for my redecorating. And I did find an amazing mirror and an awesome vase. Bu they were both priced higher than I was wiling to pay. So back to Springfield!

At the mall we ran into a bunch of people we know; Jake's sis Ashley, Hannah E, Hannah I, Tommy... We found some more to buy which was exciting and then off to dinner. Nakatos of course. We decided to get whatever we wanted. And racked up a bill of about $50 and thats just food, we both got water! Jake and I decided we were spending money like it was going out of style this past weekend and we kind of were. =)

So on to Sunday... we decided to go to the late service at church which we always regret because then theres less of the day left when you get out. And I didn't even get good sleep Saturday night so sleeping in did nothing for me. After church we went to the new Sams Club!! We got a membership and made some delicious food purchases. After Sams we went home had lunch and then we both just had somethng come over us and we went crazy on our house!! He mowed, weed eated, trimmed the bushes, pulled weeds.... I cleaned, did laundry, dusted..... Then we had dinner which was delicious. It was just hamburger helper but man that stuffs good! I also had bought a french baguet which i cut up and had with dipping oil with spices and parmasean cheese and then we had caesar salad. So good. Then Jake went to a band meeting and I allllmost finished the wedding thank you cards. Then he came home and we hung out for a bit and fell asleep to Iron Man for the second night in a row.

Enjoy the pics... Waiting in line for the Powder Keg ride at SDC which closed due to rain while we were waiting and then me excited about Sams!

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