Monday, August 3, 2009


It's August already.. thats crazy! Our first weekend in August was so wonderful.

Friday Night - While Jake was still working I went to see Proposal with Hannah E. It was great hangin gwith her and the movie was really good. Then after Jake got off work we had a hot date at WaffleHouse!! Random I know but it was fun.

Saturday - We slept in a bit then got up, had coffee, enjoyed being lazy since we're usually on the go! Jake, me and Roxie went to the park and walked around for a bit. So nice. And Roxie loooved it! Then Jake cooked me the most AMAZING Japanese dinner (see pic). He bought the fried rice, sauce and sushi from Nakatos but everything else he made from scratch and it was ridiculous how delicious it was! Then we decided to see what Ryan R and Carrie S were up to. So they came over and we played Scattegories and BS then watched Transformers but didnt finish it because we were all sleeeepy.

Sunday - We overslept and didn't make it to church so we decided to read out of our 5 Love Languages book. So we read a chapter while drinking coffee and it was so nice. We had a couple hours before we wanted to go to the fair so we did some chores around the house. Then... off to the fair!! I enjoy the fair for one main reason... fried green tomatoes!!! I get them every year! And this year... they weren't there! I walked around so depressed. I got a corn dog but it was a sad sorry substitute. Then we watched dogs do cool tricks and we pet some farm animals. After the fair we went to Jakes moms for dinner and hanging out. On the way home we swung by Terry and Janells and hung there for a couple hours and watched Entourage together and I got to witness Lyric taking his first step!!!

Now its back to work. Booo.

One more thing. We got our proofs of our wedding photos finally. YAY!!! So I will share a few.

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