Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to update!

Last week was great. Jake didn't work late so we got to see each other in the evenings... late evenings since not working late means he gets home at 9 instead of 1130 but hey at least then I'm awake when he gets home! Speaking of his job. There is a potential FT route for Jake but because of his managers shadiness it hasn't been filled yet. Jake is supposed to be next in line but there tend to be a lot of loopholes so we are afraid they'll give the position to someone else. I'm trusting God for his timing on this but if you think about it would you please pray?

This past weekend was also very nice. No real plans on Saturday morning so I worked on wedding photo albums and did some chores. Then we went to his Dads house for Shays birthday it was really nice. It was pretty chill, just hanging out and eating really good food! After that we ran some errands. Tried to make plans with friends and they fell through so we just went home and crashed.

Sunday we went to church then to Nakatos=) Then we went to the mall but didn't find much. After that it was off to his moms house for our nephew Parkers 1st Birthday!! It was really fun. Then it was off to the Scott's house! With one pitstop at WalMart, it was a bring your own meat grill out so we got a couple steaks and some veggies to grill and they had more side dishes there it was delicious. We tried to stay there until entourage but we were jutst too tired so we went home and watched it there and then passed out.

This weekend we are spending time apart for the first time in forever! =( But we'll each be having fun. He's going to a StL Cardinals game for Terrys bachelor party. And I'm going to visit my parents and do lots of Shopping with my mom! Yes we'll both be in Stl but we're driving seperate and he's staying at his brother Kennys house. I'll let you know how it all goes and about all the great bargains I'm sure to find!

Pics: Parker, Party with his icecream sundae, Dinner at the Scotts!, Lyric (Terry and Janells son)

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