Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Weekend

Time for another blog post.... The weekend was as usual just wonderful. Nothing beats spending time with my husband. He really is my best friend. I love us so much! Friday night Jake was able to get off work a little early so he could jet to a wedding and he made it right on time. I met him there. It was Jeremy and (now) Sarah Wells' wedding. It was so great! The ceremony was outside next to the old firehouse on commercial street. The weather was great and then the reception was in the firehouse. And it was Incredible!! I love love loved my reception but if I had to do it differently I would have made it look just like this. I'd describe it as vintage and eclectic yet classy. Loved it!
Saturday we got up early and ran some errands. Then came back to the house and washed our beautiful new car then Jake mowed the grass and I cleaned up the house a bit. Then Jake dropped me off at Hannah Isacksons bridal shower which was good times. He picked me up after and we went on our dinner date to Red Lobster. We were hoping to see Nicole there. She works there and she is the one that gave us the gift card to there. But we had just missed her. =( After that we went home and put in I Love You Man (we bought it, we saw it in theaters and loved it. so funny!) But I passed out about 30 minutes in.
Sunday we Finally went to Sunday School! We love our church and have always wanted to go to Sunday School and never have we only go to the service. But we went this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. After service we got Sonic for lunch. Then we shaved our little Roxie! (see pic) She looks pretty cute but we probably wont do it again. We decided we prefer her fluffy. Then we went to Jake's moms house to celebrate Shay, Korey, Nana and Colleens birthday. After that we just went home and I again tried to watch I Love You Man but was so tired I passed out quick.
The End.
P.S. We finally got our full reproduction rights disk from our photographer! YAY!

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