Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love being a Turner

Well it's rare now that Jake doesn't work late, so why don't I just tell you from now on if he gets off work at his usual time instead of that he works late. The extra money is nice though.

So again our time to hang was the weekend. And a holiday weekend at that! It was wonderful!!!! Friday night I went to Janell's birthday dinner. Saturday morning was so nice.... I feel like theres never time to just sit and enjoy coffee together but I figured since we had a whole extra day that I'd make time! So Jake and I got up at about 7:15 saturday morning and sat on our back patio with Roxie, drank coffee and enjoyed our beautiful backyard! I loooved it! It's the simple things that make me happy =) Then we did our usual Saturday routine. Jake mowed while I cleaned the house and then we both washed the car together. After that it was time for shopping and a late lunch at Applebees. Gotta love that 2 for $20.

Saturday evening we met Jacob and Bethany and saw The Final Destination 3D. I think I was the only one that wanted to see it though. Haha! Then they came to our house for coffee and board games. We had a really great time.

Sunday morning, sunday school then service. Sunday afternoon was Buddys birthday dinner with the fam which was ribs and lots of delicious side dishes. So good! Then we were supossed to go bowling but our friend bailed on us. So we went home and just hung out, which was quite nice.
We made a pile of blankets and pillows in the office and started in on the LOTR trilogy.

Monday! Bonus Day! We slept in... which I truly can not do. So I guess I'll say I stayed in bed until 10. Then I got up made coffee and got back in bed and we watched more LOTR. Then we cleaned out the garage a bit and did some stuff outside the house. One of which I'll add a picture of later (so cute). We had purchased furniture through WalMarts SiteToStore so we went to pick it up, then came home and set it up. Its beautiful! I love it! I've been wanting it for seriously almost a year so I'm glad I finally bought it.

Then sadly... back to work.

Tonight (thursday) it's Janells Bachelorette party which should be fun and then this weekend their wedding! And Hannahs wedding! Fun fun!

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