Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overdue for a post...

Whats happened since the last post? Two of our dearest friends got married! Terry and Janell. I videotaped so I never took out my camera to get snapshots but I do have a few from the rehearsal. It was a great wedding, lots of fun.

This past Saturday I met my cousin, Deana, downtown and her kids. We met at Mudhouse and caught up (I hadn't seen her forever!) I had hoped to take a bunch of pics of them for her but it was raaaaainy. It finally let up enough that I could take a few. Some of them turned out pretty well I think. At least she was happy with them and that's all that mattered!

Then Jake and I went to Rod and Loris for Stephanie's(stepmom-in-law) birthday party. It was fun hanging out as usual. Their downstairs is wonderful. Huge flat screen tvs all over the place. I think they have 4 and that's just in this one room. They had a different football game on on each tv which was awesome and then they have a pool table where Jake and I made up a new game(it was pretty funny, at least to us).

We then had to leave the party early to get ready for our dinner guests! Josh Johnson, Katie and Kyler came over and we had a delicious porkchop dinner and played Taboo. Jake and I won. =)

Sunday was Incredible! I can't remember the last time I had a day like that. The plans we had got cancelled. My alarm didn't go off and I missed church. And Jake had to go record. So I had a whole day without obligation. First Jake and I had coffee together and read out of our 5 Love Languages book. Its not church but at least it's something. Then he left and I sat in our office on the couch with a blanket and coffee and I played on the computer, editing pics. And the Rams game was on. It was so nice just chilling out. Then Jake and I decided we'd go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and Jake R and his girl Keirsten ended up going too. It was fun.

So great couple of weekends and now as usual we're looking forward to the next.

Also, I can't wait til you all get to hear Jake's new stuff with his new band. I love it! And he has a show in November. I miss going to his shows so bad! So I'm excited.

Lastly, take note of Fall! Buy a pumpkin, enjoy the weather and sip on a cup of hot cider! =)

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