Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Times!

The weather may be gloomy but my heart is filled with joy! As of Saturday October 24, 2009 just after 4:00 my brother and Bethany became husband and wife.

The wedding and pre-wedding events is what has kept me from updating for so long. We've been out of town 4 out of the last 5 weekends. So now we finally get a little break in before the holidays hit. Although has anyone noticed.. they're practically here!?

2 weeks ago was a Bridal shower for Bethany. 1 week ago was the bachelor/bachelorette parties. The boys went golfing and had a blast there were 4 teams of four so a great group. And then the winning team won a trophy! I was so happy my Dad was on the winning team because I know he will treasure that trophy for life! The girls went to Cicero's on Delmar and then back to Bethany's place for snacks, games and gifts. Fun! And as I said just a couple days ago was the wedding.

I took off Thursday and Friday from work. I got in to St Louis wednesday night. Thursday was my Dads 60th birthday. My grandparents had gotten in to town that day from Florida so me and my parents and grandparents went to Olive Garden to celbrate the big day. Then Ryan came to the house that night and we gave our Dad his gifts. Funny story we got him the exact same card!! I guess that's what happens when a card is just perfect for someone. Also on this day Bethany had broken out all over her body in a horendous rash. Yes, the bride. And yes, 2 days before her wedding. We prayed over her and for her so much. Also Jake, who is a groomsman and singing in the wedding came down with an AWEFUL flu! As did Brad, the pastor! So lots of prayer was going on.

Friday was rehearsal day! We waited to hear how Bethany was doing and it was a miracle. The rash had started to subside! We went to the rehearsal for a quick run through. And then it was off to Dave and Busters for the dinner! They had a really nice private room and the food was AMAZING! Possibly the best chicken I've ever had! The best part, I thought, was Bethany's gift to Ryan. It was a journal she had kept since they had started dating. She decided to read the most recent entry. It was about the entire rash ordeal. She talked and cried about how Satan tried to steal such a beautiful thing away from her and how God was able to use it for His glory. And she talked about her soon to be husband, my brother, being there for her, praying for her, declaring victory over the situation in Jesus' name. I cried.

We then played lots of fun games of course. And after we left we went to pick up Jake. Deana, my cousin, had driven the poor sick boy from Springfield to St. Louis. She stayed at the hotel with all the wedding out of towners and we took him home.

By Saturday morning Jake's fever was gone and he was starting to feel better he hust needed to take it easy. Me, Jake and my Dad went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast while my Mom was at the salon getting her hair done. We then went back to the house, gathered our stuff and Jake and I headed to the wedding.

The wedding was phenomenal. The day was PERFECT. The rash was gone, Jake was almost better and Brad was good enough to be there =) They did pictures beforehand so Ryan and Bethany had an incredible moment where she walked down this beautiful staircase and Ryan was waiting at the bottom. I didn't see it, it was private but I think it's beter that way. The pictures were fun, we went all over this beautiful golf course and the backdrop was just gorgeous. The fall leaves were perfectly beautiful.

When it came time for the ceremony. I thought I had it all together. I was a bridesmaid so I couldn't lose it in front of everyone and it didn't help that I forgot my kleenex. But then she started to make her way down the aisle and my brother started crying and I lost it. And the whole ceremony I just watched them and it was so evident that God was there in that moment. And it was as if God was saying to Ryan... "See...this is why you had to wait. It was all for this. For this beautful woman that I had waiting for you." I was mesmerized by my brothers face (I had the perfect view from my angle). He was so full of joy. Ah I can't even put it into words. I was just so happy for him. And I cried so stinking much.

The reception was right there in the same building. It was beautiful! Their dances were great, the food was great and the speeches were great! And what a wedding reception without Jake busting out a little Michael Jackson's Beat It? He said he wouldn't request it he would only dance to it if it came on.... well I made sure it did! ;) Of course he wasn't totally better so it took him about an hour to recoup!

Everything was just perfect. I loved seeing my family. And I love that 2 amazing people will now spend their lives together.

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