Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Life

Our life is good and I love it. Last weekend we went to Edwardsville, Illinois to celebrate Kenny's birthday. Then we drove over and stayed the night at my parents house. We go to hang out with Ryan and Bethany a bit which is always great.

So... a Full Time mid day route at FedEx was posted on September 25th, they leave the posting open for one week. Whomever wants the job bids on it during that week. So of course Jake bid on it. And then according to seniority and points and all of that kind of stuff the top ranking person that bid will get the job. Well, tehre was some confusion on who was top ranking and we didn't know if Jake would get the job but the closer it got to midnight on October 2nd the more we had realized Jake was the top ranking guy. Saturday morning Jake drove up to FedEx to see the results annnnd... He got it!!! So, in a few weeks Jake will start a new position. It's T-S, but T-F he gets off at 630 meaning I GET TO SEE HIM! And we can have dinner together and have chill time together, which we rarely get on weekends. And then Saturday he only works until about 3 so we will still get to go out and have fun if we want in the evenings. We are so happy and so grateful that our prayers have been answered.

(A MUST READ) So.. back to Saturday. As I said Jake had left to drive up to FedEx in the morning and then proceeded to his Moms house so he and Greg could work on his brakes. While he was gone I was cleaning the house like a mad woman; laundry, dusting, reorganizing and whatnot. Then I was walking from the laundry room to the bedroom when I saw Roxie in what I call her "sneak attack" mode. So I looked down the hall to see what she was playing with and I saw a pair of my underwear. So I went and grabbed them and chased her with them just playing around but she seemed completely disinterested. It was strange. So I was headed to the bedroom to put the underwear in the hamper and I just happened to turn back around when I saw something... And I realized Roxie wasn't "sneak attacking" the underwear she was "sneak attacking" the SNAKE THAT WAS IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not. There he was in the hallway. I ran around trying to find my phone to call Jake, I knew he wouldn't believe it. So I'm on the phone with him while I watch the snake slither into the spare bedroom and then under the door into the closet. Perfect! I grab a towel and shove it nder the door and trap that sucker until someone could come get him. Usually snakes don't bother me and yes I used to even own a couple. But there was something about feeling invaded and helpless in your own home that freaked me out! So I waited fo reinforcements to arrive. Jake and Greg finished working on the car and then they were over about a half hour later. Greg opened the closet, hehad gloves on. Pulled out a hamper and there the little guy was just curled up. Greg just grabbed him and he didnt freak out at all. He threw him over our back fence into the woods and that was that. But come on!!!! How ridiculous is that!?

Saturday night we went to Nakatos to celebrate Jake's new job. We had a fun crew it was Josh, Nicole, Joe Willy, Phillip, Gwen and Joey. We hadn't hung out with Phillip in forever so that was fun. And then after dinner we went over to Jake and Josh's and carved pumpkins. Fun fun!

Sunday we went to late service and it was a great sermon. It was on parenting which obviously we don't have kids yet but I gained some great insight. Not only on how to parent, but also why I am the way I am from the way I was parented. Very interesting. So, then we ran a couple errands. Came home and worked outside on the landscaping, got cleaned up and it was off to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse, we hadn't been there for awhile so it was good. Then we came back home and just had great husband wife time and we watched the movie FlyWheel, which totally makes me cry. It just reminds you of God's love and faithfullness. Amazing.

Now here I am back at work. But I am totally looking forward to the next 3 weekends. We will be headed to St. Louis every weekend for Ryan and Bethany's showers, partys and then WEDDING!! I can NOT believe how soon it is!!!!

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