Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Fun

My beautiful husband turned 24 on January 9th. It was hard knowing what to get your husband, when you share a bank account. So my idea was just to get a bunch of friends together. He's stated in past years that that is what he loves most for his birthday. Well on Saturday, his actual birthday, he had to work and then he had to play a show with Bomb the Bay. So I decided Sunday afternoon I'd invite everyone out to lunch at Nakatos. We had 18 awesome friends in our crew show up! We took up 2 tables. I could tell Jake had such a wonderful time which made me so happy. Then that night we went to the movies and Steak'n'Shake with a couple friends. I still wanted to give him something. So I regifted a gift card to a salon and spa I got from my boss and never used. So yesterday he went and got a massage. Then last night we went to his Mom's for his family birthday get together and we had Spicy Chicken Pasta, one of his all time favorite meals. So all in all I'd say he had a great birthday. And it was such a fun weekend!

Yesterday Jan 11 was Miss Roxie's birthday. She turned 5. Poor thing had to go to the vet on her birthday and find out she has dislocated kneecaps. But we also found out she has many many years left to live. Its crazy how much we love that little pup!

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