Saturday, July 31, 2010


Time for a Turner update. Life with Raeleigh is so great! We are so in love with our daughter, it's the best feeling.
Our favorite thing she does right now is her sneezes. She'll sneeze a couple times and then when she gets to her last one she breathes in like she's about to sneeze and then just lets out a big adorable sigh. Also, when she's fussy all Jake has to do is crank up some rock music and dance with her and she passes right out! So cute.
Raeleigh seems to finally be settling into a good feeding schedule which is great. Our problem is Roxie! Unfortunately she's become very possessive of Raeleigh like she wants to be her mom. Which is cute but also not good! We are trying different ways of training her to get over it, I really hope she does. The biggest prolem with it right now is when we lay Raeleigh down to sleep at night and she makes her cute sleepy grunty noises Roxie will stand by her cradle and cry and whine until we get up to take care of her. The thing is, she doesn't need anything so Roxie keeps us awake for nothing. But her motherly instincts tell her Raeleigh needs us. Like I said... we're working on it.
Now I'm looking forward to when Raeleigh starts smiling in reaction to us. It's going to be awesome. Today she hugged onto my hand with both arms it felt incredible!

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