Friday, September 10, 2010

Not An Easy Baby

Well I obviously haven't posted for a long time. Being a mom truly is the coolest thing ever. Raeleigh's really developing and it's fun to watch. And I of course love making her smile now. But with the good comes the bad. Raeleigh unfortunately has not been an "easy baby". She loves being held so much that it is the only way she'll sleep. So during the day I of course have to hold her to eat, she'll let me put her down during her happy time but then she'll start fussing as soon as she's sleepy so I have to pick her up and listen to her cry as I bounce her around and wait for her to fall asleep. Then I have to sit there and hold her until she wakes up to eat. And the process starts all over again. At night I can nurse her while laying next to her on the couch and she'll fall asleep and then I have to sleep next to her. A couple weeks ago she was going 5 hour stretches at night but for the last couple weeks she's regressed bac to only 3 hours. So yeah it's been tough. We've tried everything to break her from needing to be held while she sleeps but nothing works. So I just need to suck it up and deal with holding her until she outgrows it. Dear Lord please let that be soon!
And yes she has acid reflux and at one point we had to up her prescription but aside from that the medicine has made her all better. That's been a blessing because before the medicine it was obvious she was really suffering.
All in all though I'm enjoying getting to know my daughter and watching her very own personality develop. I know this is cheesy but I look at her all the time and think life truly is a miracle.

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