Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Big Blessing!

This is the post I've been waiting to write. The one where I say.... WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!! My ultimate dream house. I can't believe it. I mean I can, I had faith, but after waiting 43 days for an answer I'm so excited to finally say THE BANK HAS ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! Now were are just praying all goes well with closing. We wont be able to close on both houses the same day. There's just not enough time between now and the 9th to get that done. So we are hoping for the following Monday. We'll just bunk with family for the week. Not sure how Roxie will do with that, we'll see I guess. This is incredible.

So now.... here's the story of what God has done for us....

Last October I was searching through houses, because: 1. I just love looking at real estate. and 2. we were starting to consider putting our house on the market. I couldn't help but be taken back by a house that I saw on El Salvador St, just southwest of where we currently live. I saw it needed some work but from what I could tell it looked like the kind of work I didn't mind to do. We went to Branson with family that weekend and I wanted to show it to Jake. We went to the lobby and got on their computer, I showed Jake and some of my family. They all really liked it. Jake got so excited to see what kind of a house we could get for the price. So while we were still in Branson we called Faunlee Harle, the agent my boss referred me to. She came and looked at our house a couple days later and said she'd get it on the market once we gave her the word. We found out that the El Salvador house was a short sale house and that's why it was so cheap. Short sales are a mess but we didn't see anything else on the market we liked so we were afraid tht if we sold our house and El Salvador was sold we would be heartbroken over losing our first home and then having no place to go. We just didn't feel quite right. There was just an unsettling feeling in us and we decided to wait.

I kept looking at houses online and saw El Salvador was on there for awhile but eventually disappeared. Then it was the end of February and I had my laptop out one day while sitting in the living room with Jake. I decided to see if there was anything new on the housing market and there it was... I said "Jake, El Salvador is back on here." So there we were again thinking about listing our house. We started thinking about all the things we'd want to do to get our house ready to sell. The list was long and expensive but I believe it is worth investing in the house to get it to sell. We asked Mike Brown (Faunlees Buyers agent) to show us El Salvador. We went to look at it and it was just as perfect as I thought it was going to be. We talked to him about wanting to list our house in about a month but he said "You can't sell a house that's not on the market."

It got us thinking and we kicked it into high gear and got our house ready to sell and on the market within like 2 weeks. We didn't do everything we were going to do to the house just what we considered a priority. Well... it worked because our house sold in just 9 days! So what did we do? A couple days later we put an offer in on our dream house! ...and the "short" sale process began.

You can read my other posts to get an idea on how that process went. It had many frustrating moments, but we reminded ourselves that God was always in control. It was a great lesson in faith, trust and patience. We kept being led to believe "this is the week" no "this is the week". Then we were told on a Tuesday they'll review the file on Friday... AH review it now! Then they did in fact review it on Friday and we were told the final person FINALLY has our file and we should get an answer on Monday or Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday came and went... but then there was Wednesday! Wednesday afternoon, we got the call! They've accepted our offer!

This is amazing for so many reasons. One is because we are going to get to live in our dream home! It's such a great home, one we can really grow into. One I see us living in for years and years and maybe even growing old in. Another reason is that if we had listed our house back in October, there were so many things the seller of the El Salvador house was going through; divorce and bankruptcy (unfortunately) that the process would have gotten really messed up and we wouldn't have gotten the house orrr we'd have to wait months and months to know and I can't imagine that would have gone well. We probably would have given up on it and bought another house that we didn't love. Or maybe nobody would have bought our house at that time or...... so many different things could have happened. But that's why you pray! We prayed about selling it back in October and we didn't have a peace about it. Then we prayed about selling it in February and we felt right about it. Although we were scared to do it, we stepped out in faith. And what a reward!

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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