Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving Forward

Plenty of progress has been made. We've moved most of our stuff into a storage unit. We are currently sleeping on our mattress in the middle of the living room floor. Which I gotta say is kind of fun. Makes me feel like a kid again, kind of like I'm camping out in my own house. Almost all furniture has been moved out with the exception of the dining table and Raeleigh's room which we are doing tonight. I hope Raeleigh isn't thrown off by sleeping in her pack'n'play. Last thing we need right now is less sleep with as much as we've got going on. All of this extra work has hit our health. What I thought was a cold may be allergies but either way the last few days have been really bad. And now Jake is starting to feel under the weather as well. On top of that his back has really been hurting him. Which I can believe... if you move boxes for a living then come home and move more boxes and furniture it's bound to take a toll.
We had our inspection on Sunday and it went great! There are a few things that need fixed but we should be able to fix them all on our own and with the help of friends and family. We also found out that we are going to be able to get in there next week even though we don't close until the following Monday. So we will be able to deep clean that place and then patch lots of holes! They have nails all over the walls and even in their bedroom doors, ugh. So this will be nice because it will be out of the way then the week we move in we can start priming and painting the walls!
And just because it's long over due, here is a pic of my sweet baby girl. One of the last times enjoying our back patio.

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