Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You will be missed house....

We moved all of our stuff out Sunday from our old house. Unfortunately I had puked the whole night prior.... yuck. So I was feeling pretty awful that day. Jake had to do most of the work solo. But luckily we did get some help in segments from Jakes dad, then Buddy, then friend Jake. I tried to do as much as I could but it hurt to even move... I had a migraine, sinus junk, achy all over, plus weak from all the puking. Yay! The good thing about it, it kept my mind off of being sad about leaving our first home.
We stayed sunday night at Jake's dad and stepmoms house, where we will be for a week. Monday morning we went by the house one last time, just to be sure everything was out... and to say goodbye. My mom had given me peony bulbs to plant a couple years ago which was really special because that was the kind of flower that made up my wedding bouquet. Well I happened to notice that the first flower was finally starting to bloom! So I snapped that sucker off and took it with me. Then in an inconspicuous spot I wrote "08-11 JT+ST RT RT". I was totally fine and unemotional until we started pulling out of the driveway and Jake stopped so we could pray over the house, thanking God for what a blessing it was and praying that the new owner is just as happy there as we were." Couldn't help but tear up.
Monday afternoon we went to closing and officially signed that house on over. It's no longer ours... it's weird. FORTUNATELY we have our new house to look forward to and taking our mind off of saying goodbye to our old one. Although we don't close on the new house until Monday the 16th we were already given keys and the garage door openers so we can start getting in there and cleaning, which is awesome. And Sunday the 15th we are moving all of our stuff out of storage and into the garage. Then on closing day we'll start moving things into the house.
If you don't know, the house is a split level, so there are 2 sets of stairs. When we were there on Monday I set Raeleigh down for a minute and was taking down the curtains downstairs. I looked over and saw her at the bottom of the stairs and I thought, uh-oh let's see what happens. Sure enough she can climb a whole flight of stairs no problem(I spotted her the whole time-fyi). So our plan originally was just to put baby gates at the top of each set of stairs but I'm pretty sure we need to rethink that! So anyway this is getting SO exciting and I count my blessings every day for the way this all worked out!
Here is a picture that shows that before we even got keys to the house Jake trimmed the bushes. I thought it was so cute. We are just so anxious to fix it up!

Also I started taking some good before pictures of the inside. Can't wait to post them with the after pics!

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