Thursday, June 16, 2011

The deck

Finally a before and after for you guys! And as is only appropriate, I'm currently enjoying the very spot I'm posting a picture of. Now be aware this is not a true before and after. We had already removed a lot of stuff before I took the before picture. Like a big dirty storage closet. But notice the gray wood, dirty siding, nasty hanging shade thats falling apart, etc.... Also the deck had no support post under it and was sloping. It was only being held up around the edges where it was attached to the house.
The before...

The after...

The deck was jacked up so we could get a support post under it. The deck and siding were power washed. Jake stained the deck(it's even prettier in person). And we got some new patio furniture. I'm so pleased with it!

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  1. doesn't even look like the same deck!! nice job.... now I want to see more of this house!