Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Weekend!

My mom came into town on Friday. We had SO much fun! Friday night we went and bought party supplies for Raeleigh's big bash! Saturday we got up and worked, worked, worked on the house. We got the master bedroom painted and I love it! I went with a dark gray. I was a little nervous to paint it a dark color but it turned out so dramatic and pretty and it's such a great contrast with the white molding and blinds. I plan to get white curtains as well. Also on Saturday our new furniture arrived! We got a big super comfy sectional for downstairs. You can't help but fall asleep on it. I was working on painting upstairs on Monday and when I went downstairs Jake (Turner) and Jake (Wright) were both on it passed out. Don't worry its a big enough couch, they were on opposite ends, not snuggling. =) We also got a new dining table and it fits in the room just perfect! I'm continuously pleased with how well everything has been coming together.
Sunday we went to church. Jake was in worship band as usual, but this time he sang. It was a surprise, he didn't tell me. And it was so amazing. I miss seeing him sing on stage. He's so talented. After church and a couple errands, we went home for a few minutes then it was off to Storri's Websters first birthday party! It was really fun and Raeleigh had a blast. After the party we went to WalMart to buy new patio furniture.
Monday, we got up and started working. I had to finish painting the tray ceiling in the bedroom. And my mom started in on the bathroom. While we were working, the power washer showed up. It was an awesome gift from my dad! The siding really needed power washed and he did the deck too. Night and day difference! If you need a power washer use Pressure Clean After the deck dried, Jake stained it. It looks so great! I was going to post before and after pics today but I realized I only have after pics with me right now (I'm at work). Then my mom had to leave to go back home. =( That night I was determined and stayed up and finished painting the bathroom. I was worried it was a little dark at first (I went with a medium gray) but I think with as much sunlight that comes in it looks great.
Tuesday I just worked on cleaning up clutter and pulling out some decor. I promise to have before and after pics very soon! Like I said we bought patio furniture and on the newly stained deck it's so pretty. We are going to spend so much time out there!

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