Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day!

Always my favorite day of the year! I love it. I love the feeling of family and togetherness. I love the patriotism and I love all the fun that comes along with the 4th. Jake, Raeleigh and I spent it in St. Louis this year with my family. We went shopping at the mall where Raeleigh rode on her first carousel.

We went swimming at my brothers subdivision pool.

And we had a delicious cookout dinner at my parents house where we shot off a few fireworks. Its funny how nothing phases my kid. Seriously nothing scares her. Shes awesome. So tough. Absolutely ADORE her!

Speaking of kids, I heard an amazing thought from Pastor Brad Riley at Faith Chapel this past weekend. He was telling us a story about how he would always reference his daughter is service and talk about how rambunctious she is. And how she's crazy and so on.... until one day a member of the church went to him and said he wanted him to be aware of how much he said that stuff. And with as much as Pastor Brad preaches on speaking positive things over our lives he may want to know he wasn't doing that in her case. He said it was a wake up call to him and he instead spoke over her how sweet she was, etc... And trust me if you knew her you would know she is absolutely sweet! Actually after service she came up to me while I was holding Raeleigh and she hugged her and gave her kisses and played peek-a-boo with her.
To put it in an example you may be able to relate to.... if you have a kid you've probably heard "Oh wait until they're this age, they'll drive you crazy." or "wait until they're a teenager, they'll be out of control." Why would you speak that over a child's life? I personally have always been annoyed by those comments for that very reason... why would you even say that? But God did put one thought in my head... Jake wasn't always the best kid, he got in trouble a lot. And we always say how we are going to reap what he sowed. But you know what? That is so untrue. Raeleigh is her own person. She is the girl God created her to be so why would we pigeonholed her to that? I will from now on be sure to only say what an amazing, wonderful girl she is and will grow up to be.
You know people always said "You wont want her crawling for along time, it'll change your world." They said it in a negative way. How it will be hard because she'll get into everything, etc.... Well she's been crawling for months now and I love it. Yeah she opens cabinets and pulls things out. Yeah she can race to the other side of the room while my back is turned for a second. But I love it! I'm so proud of her. I know she's learning and exploring. Yes it's a whole new world, but that's what parenting is. I hear it now with walking, but I say bring it on. It's going to be great!
Very long story short... your words carry authority.
I challenge you to go listen to/watch the sermon, it was PHENOMENAL!
Go HERE to watch it.

And again speaking of Miss Raeleigh Elizabeth. Her birthday is this weekend! My family is coming to town (minus my brother who will be out of the country for work) and staying with us. And the party is on Sunday. We are having it at the new house, it should be a blast! But of course this means I have only a couple days to get everything ready for the party, for guests and I even have 2 bathrooms left to paint. But I'm up for the challenge! So excited!

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