Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pay Off

After 2 months straight of nonstop working on the house and getting ready for Raeleigh's birthday. We finally had the big pay off. A very fun and successful birthday party at the new house. Not everything was done. There are still 2 bedrooms that need painted and lots of decor that needs to go up. But everything that mattered was done and looked pretty good I think.

Raeleigh's party was SO fun! We had at least 50 people there. Actually if I counted right we had exactly 50. It was really neat to see all the baby girls there. It's crazy how so many of our friends have baby girls that are all within a year of Raeleigh.

Here is a video of the party. Enjoy.

You know what's so great now?... Now I can just relax and enjoy my house. It seemed like we were doing project after project with no down time. So these last couple nights we've just sat on our couch eating all the party leftovers and watched TV. And Raeleigh got so many great gifts she's just been playing so much going from one toy to the next.

Next I will be focusing on getting up some decor in the house and I will post more before and after pics. Stay tuned!

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