Friday, July 29, 2011


Well... last night I went home, had dinner and got the kitchen all cleaned up to take pics. When I realized my camera battery needed charged and the charger was plugged in... in Raeleigh's room... where Raeleigh was already asleep for the night. But! I'm really anxious to get some pics posted so hopefully I will tonight or tomorrow. Kind of depends on my ridiculous home internet that never seems to work. Fortunately we are having someone come out tomorrow morning to take a look at it.
Also, as an update to the last post. When I got home to see the desk, I was disappointed to see it was much smaller than I was hoping for. The plan now is to still sand it down and paint it. Then I'll use it until I find a better one, then I'll list it on Craigslist.
I want a large desk. One that's large enough to fit a desktop computer and then still have enough room to really spread out and work on. For one thing I need my desk to be big enough to fit one of these bad boys.
I found these at Hobby Lobby. The one I want actually has about 12 drawers. I'm planning to set it on my desk and fill it with all of my office supplies, stamps, paperclips, etc... However it is $79.99! Whoa! But I love it so much I MUST have it. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby 50% off sales!
Hope to update again soon, thanks for stopping by. =)

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