Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raeleigh's Room

So like I said it was hard to paint because of Raeleigh so I decided whenever she was awake I'd let her play in her room while I worked in her room. Her blinds unexpectedly broke while we were at work one day so I've purchased new blinds but havent put them up yet. And I decided I was sick of seeing such bare walls so I hung up her shelves from her old room.

Here it is:

Yes that's my husband chilling on the chair, playing on his phone. And Raeleigh had just walked off to the right (she walks everywhere now, crawling is so last month)
You can see the broken blinds. But you can also see the shelves. I'm very happy with them. I was afraid they wouldn't look good on the left because the shelf is floating above nothing but I'm turning that area underneath into a reading nook. So I think that will make it look more complete. I'll show pics later when I get the nook more put together.

The frame on the right is a "R". I peeled it off the wall from her first nursery at our old house. Then I put it on pink scrapbook paper and framed it so we could have part of her first nursery in her new room. I had it hanging above her crib until I did the shelves and then I moved it. It just looked too tiny above the crib anyway, the scale was off. So I patched and painted over the nail holes yesterday and I have new plans for above her crib.

I actually have plans for every last thing I want to do in her room to finally make it look complete. Now it's just a matter of time and money until it's done. Pretty excited!

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