Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Big Girl

I'm amazed watching my daughter learn.  Especially in the last week. Wow! She can now say...

-Mommy and Mama
-Daddy and Dada
-All done
-Quack Quack
-(I'm pretty sure she's saying) What's that
-(and she combines words like) Hi Daddy

And she can sign

And we are currently working on the signs for
-Thank you

And then she of course does all the precious little things like
-Blow kisses
-She does headbutts on command. lol!
-She'll run from another room when she hears the hot dog song on tv.  She'll run up to the tv and start dancing.
-She'll open a book and start jabbering like she's reading it.
-Raises her arms above her head when we say So Big!

I'm probably forgetting some stuff but it's just so amazing I love every second of being a Mommy.

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