Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Little Getaway

Well Jake and I just had a nice long vacation.  We spent over a week in St. Louis.  We relaxed which was nice but we also got out and enjoyed some fun activities.  We went to the Zoo. Where we determined Giraffes were Raeleigh's favorite.

And we went to the Science Center. Which wasn't as cool as it used to be but was still really fun.

We also visited my Grandma over in Illinois.
And then Jake stayed with Raeleigh while my Mom and I went to the StL Joyce Meyer Conference.  It was great!  Though I knew it would be.  I can really feel God working in my life.  I'm pretty sure He's even put a calling on my life.  So now I will be in process of making that a reality.  And as it comes to fruition I will share what it is.
God's just been doing so many wonderful things in my life.  He's helping me to be a better wife, a better mother, better at caring for our home and managing my time wisely, just all in all a better version of me.

As far as home projects go... not too much has been done since we've been out of town, but over the last couple days I've FINALLY sanded my craigslist desk.  My plan now is to prime it this weekend then paint as soon after that as I can.  Pictures to come.

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