Friday, November 11, 2011

Turner Family Update

I thought I'd go ahead and post an all around Turner family update.

Jake- He's doing great.  Man do I ever love that man!  He's amazing in every possible way.  They've been cutting his hours at work.  Fortunately we budget for his minimum pay, so we are doing just fine.  But when you're getting a lot less than you're used to it is difficult because you question every purchase, even if it's just a $1 drink at McDonalds.  As much of a negative as that might be, it's also something I love about us.  We are very responsible with our money, a trait I chalk up to my parents.  And a trait that I would guess Jake would chalk up to me.  Not that his parents aren't great with their money, it just took Jake until he was a little older to even begin to want to be responsible with his money.  LOL. Just a funny side note: when Jake got a very large settlement from the bad accident he was in in High School, a majority of it went to always taking his friends to Nakatos and buying for everyone... not the smartest financial move, though I'm sure it was probably fun.  There was about one fourth of the money remaining when I came into the picture so it was put to good use (money towards a down payment on our first house and my rings).

What a tangent I went off on.  Back to what I was saying, he is amazing!  And he has such a desire to be a provider for our family that even though they are cutting his hours he is finding odd jobs to do to come up with the extra money we need for Christmas presents this year.  Also he is spending time cowriting, as he has been doing for the last few months but now the artist he's been working with is in the studio so Jake's been going in to be a part of that.  But again, a testament to his amazingness... although he goes straight from FedEx to the studio, he still tries to leave the studio early enough to get home and see his daughter before she goes to sleep.  He is such an incredible Dad.  He'll be in the studio next week too to be with another artist that has hired him to cowrite.  Jake is so extremely musically gifted that it's nice to see people taking notice.  And it's also nice for him to have that musical outlet since his band ended like 3 years ago.

Stevie- What's going on with me?  Just the usual really.  Being a Mama and best friend to little Raeleigh and working around the house.  I've FINALLY started painting my desk.  It will be finished being painted by tomorrow night, I'm making that promise to myself.  And I got some bookshelves to put up in the office too.  They're just cheapy shelves from WalMart.  I may eventually get nicer ones but in the meantime I'm desperate for the storage!  My job is going good.  I'm still just working 3 days a week at the Law Office.  Boy was I ever fortunate to find this job, I really enjoy it.  Can you believe I've been here for 3 1/2 years now?

Raeleigh- My amazing Rae Rae!  She's hit the point now where she will say almost anything I ask her to.  Or at least attempt to.  She is learning SO much!  Our favorite thing to do is animal noises.  We do them every time we're in the car.  I'll ask her what the animal says and she'll answer me.  She knows duck, cow, doggy, sheep and owl.  I love when she does the cow noise she says BOOOO.  She replaces the M with a B and says it with such force. So stinkin' cute.  My Mom was in town last weekend and she taught her how to praise Jesus.  When you say "Praise Jesus" she'll get a big smile on her face and lift her hands up high.  Love it.

Well there's your Turner update, hope you enjoyed. =)

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