Friday, November 4, 2011

Office Pandemonium!

There has been some home office craziness going on lately.  Wednesday night while waiting for husband Jake and friend Jake to come home with dinner, Raeleigh and I decided to hang out in the office.  I'm getting ever anxious for it to get done and I enjoy going in there more often.  Raeleigh loves it because it's all new undiscovered territory.

While sitting at my still unpainted beautifully primed? desk, surfing facebook, Raeleigh was playing behind me.  I decide to glance back to check on her only to discover big blue globs of paint on the carpet.  Apparently the paint can that I still had in there, from painting the office a couple months ago, wasn't fully sealed.  So I launched into full on, make-this-situation-not-as-terrible-as-it-seems mode.  Well it didn't help that Raeleigh proceeded to step in the paint and walk a few steps before I could grab her AND she had it on her new shirt that she was wearing for the first time that day.

I'll spare you the many details of cleaning the carpet I'll just say it involved Spot Shot and a whole roll of paper towels.  And it was VERY difficult to keep Raeleigh away from the paint spots on the carpet while trying to clean them.  And of course the Jake's didn't show up until I'm just about done.

The spots are still there but very faint.... eh, I'll take it.  We do plan to get new carpet eventually but still, it'll be a couple years before we do.  And the shirt...  well, it looks a lot better and you can barely see the remaining spots, so she'll still wear it.

So that was one crazy event.  The other craziness was last night.  I got my beautiful new curtains I ordered from Urban Outfitters on Wednesday and didn't want to wait another day to hang them up.  So... I proceeded to do so.  I used one panel as a guide on where to hang the curtain rod and left the other in the package.  Well, when it came time to hang them both up I noticed a glaring issue.
One panel is significantly longer than the other. Lame City.  So now I gotta figure that one out.  Anyway, in wanting to show you that, you get a sneak peek of the office. =)  This was taken at night so the coloring is a little darker than it actually is in person, but nonetheless there it is.

Let's hope that's it for the office madness.

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