Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skin Care Tips

Taking a turn from my normal post themes to talk about skin care.  I'm not a real girly girl.  I don't get highlights or get my nails done.  I don't get amped up about makeup or shop at Sephora.  I've always been a Covergirl  and Clean and Clear kind of girl.  But an article I saw on Yahoo last week got my interest piqued.

So I started googling and browsing YouTube and I got some really great skincare tips that I've now been trying out for the last week and I can already tell a difference.  So I thought, why not share the knowledge.  The stuff I used is stuff you probably have around the house which is why I like it.  I've never been one to go out and spend $$$ on ointments or "specialty creams".

I've learned Extra Virgin Olive Oil is awesome.  It can dissolve the impurities in your pores and it also leaves your skin feeling very soft.  I've added it into my nightly routine.  Here's what I do....
1. Use my eye makeup remover pads.
2. Wash off my makeup.
3.  Wash my face again.  This is important because the first wash really only gets the surface stuff.
* You can use 2 different kinds of face wash.  Maybe try a makeup remover pad the first time and then your favorite face wash the second.  Right now I just use my Cetaphil face wash each time.
4. Astringent.
5. Once my astringent is dry I pour some EVOO in the palm of my hand and then proceed to slather it all over my face.  Sounds crazy but trust me here.  I massage it in real good and then I put a warm to hot wash cloth on my face.  I dont leave it on there real long, maybe just a minute or two.  And then I splash a little water on my face to get some of the oil off, but I leave some of it on too because it's great for moisturizing your skin. 
6.  Then I put on some Cetaphil lotion and go to sleep.

All of this has really cleared up my face.  And the great thing is... It's finally cleaning the stuff out of my pores that I've never been able to get out before.  So now when I do my mint julep mask (cheap-o mask from Walgreens) and it tightens my pores, it can actually make them smaller because there's nothing blocking them!

Ok, so that was one thing I've been doing the other is a mini at home facial using just a lemon and some organic sugar!  On the video I watched, once her face was clean, she put some juice and sugar on a pad and rubbed that on her face.  I actually mixed the juice and sugar in a bowl and then just slopped it on my face.  Then you just massage your face with it for a couple minutes and rinse off.
It exfoliates and scrubs off the top icky layer of skin.  And the more you do it, it can help get rid of discoloration and some scarring. Which I can already vouch for.  But I wouldn't recommend doing this more than twice a week.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share these fun tricks.  Because they're cheap and easy, so why not?

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