Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

And what a perfect Christmas it was!  We went to my parents house on Saturday.  And Jake was the one lucky guy that went in to work at FedEx on Saturday and they said, "You know we're not near as busy as we thought we'd be, so why don't you go home."!!!  I was SO excited!  So we left town at a decent time (although we got about 15 minutes away from our house before I realized I forgot my purse and we had to go back). So we had a great trip overall.  Some highlights were:

1. Christmas morning her tricycle was under the tree with a big red ribbon on it and she saw it first thing, ran straight to it and got on.  It was so cute!  And we got it on video. =)
2. Of course we got lots of great gifts from everyone.
3. Watched good movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes(my Dad gave me) and 127 Hours(I gave my Dad).  I had seen them both before but love em both so had fun watching them.
4. Went shopping with my Mom and Bethany the day after Christmas and found some really great deals.  I got a lot of Christmas decorations.  But the most exciting find was a Payless that was going out of business and I got 6 new pairs of shoes for Raeleigh at 90% off!!!  I would have gotten more but there wasn't much left in there.  Bethany found 10 pairs for her nephew!
5. Got to eat at Jack in the Box. Springfield doesn't have them here. Someday... someday...

I've always loved Christmas, but having a kid makes Christmas so much more fun.  I LOVE my sweet baby girl!
Running to her tricycle!
Getting right on!
Help from Daddy.
Aunt Bethany reading her a book.

Being silly Christmas evening.

Posing in some of her new clothes.

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