Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting the year off right!

We've hit some stuff on my Resolution List already!  Something on the Plan list and even an unexpected item on the Hope list!!

Jake had his floating holiday on Tuesday. So we had a 3 day weekend together.  And we had nothing we had to do, so it was awesome!  Raeleigh had a fever on Saturday so Sunday I stayed home from church with her and Jake went and played in the worship band.  When he got home I worked on packing up the rest of the Christmas decorations.  Then for dinner we went to Nakatos with these lovely folks...
and their pretty lady.

Monday I deep cleaned the living room, since it had fake pine needles all over it.  Later we stopped by Meme and Gramps for a few.  Then came home and relaxed.

Tuesday was my favorite day!  We got up and going right away and headed out for a day of shopping and fun.  We went to Good Will to get rid of a LOT of stuff I had set aside to donate (I've been on a "clean up and organize everything" binge.)  Then we hit up the mall, Target, Best Buy and Lowes.  Raeleigh got a not so great nap in the car so she was ready to get home at that point.  When we got home we laid her down and just ATTACKED our garage.  We still had boxes in there from the move.  Yes the move from almost 8 months ago.  We reorganized some shelves and put some things in the attic and got rid of a bunch of other stuff.  It's looking SO much better in there already.  I think we plan to put in the new outlet for the deep freeze later this month when we are both on vacation.  

Besides starting in on garage organization, one thing I hit on my list was toy organization!  I haven't actually organized them yet but I bought some storage cubes that I plan to put together tonight.  I'm so excited!  Have I mentioned I LOVE organizing?  

The unexpected item on the Hope List I'll keep a surprise but I hope to reveal it by the end of this week.  I am beyoooond excited for it.  Any guesses on what it could be?  I'll give a hint it doesn't have to do with organization.  If you're bright enough, you may figure it out.

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