Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's official.  We have now scheduled a time to have our patio put in.  It will be at the end of March.  It will be a 12x28 stained stamped concrete patio and it will go out from the bottom of our deck.  It will go where this current temporary landscaping is.  It will be larger than the landscaping though.

We will be knocking down the tree that is at the bottom of the steps, but will keep the weeping willow.

Can't WAIT for the patio, I'll definitely post pics next month when its in!

Here is a picture of the stain and stamp we are going for.  I really wanted the border too but it wasn't in the budget.

And here's more garden progress!
They knocked down the wall and tilled quite a bit more.  The garden will not go out as far as the dirt.  They pushed the dirt out to better level the ground in front of where the garden will be. So we will then put down grass seed there.

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