Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Weekend

This past weekend was just wonderful!  Yes I realize it's Tuesday but my weekends last from Saturday to Tuesday (which I am quite thankful for).  My mom was in town, aka Mema, and we did so much!  A lot of times she'll come to town and we have ideas of things we'd like to do but they never get done.  This time they did!  It started out Friday night, we all went out for ice cream at Cherry Berry.  It was a cold night for ice cream but it's something I wanted to make sure we did, so we did it first thing.

Saturday we went shopping for some fabric for some DIY projects (more on that later!!) and  did some other various shopping.  (and worked on the projects!)

Sunday we went to church then came home and Jake worked out in the garden. (pics to come)  And Raeleigh got to play in the backyard with her best friend Addi.

Monday I had a doctor's appt and then we did a lot more shopping!  I got some party favors for Raeleigh's birthday party (yes still 4 months away but I couldnt pass em up!)  I also found Raeleigh's Easter outfit at Target, love Target clothes! Then Monday night was Raeleigh's dance class.  Her first official one, last week was a trial.  So we got her a real outfit, tights and ballet slippers.  Prettiest ballerina ever!
And she did a lot better this week, following directions.  I'm anxious to see her just get better and better!

Tuesday we took it pretty easy hanging at the house waiting for the weather to warm up and then we headed to the park.  We had SO much fun!  And Raeleigh had an absolute blast!!

Now it's Wednesday and my Mom is heading back home, but fortunately I get to see her and the rest of my fam again very soon!

So what about these DIY projects?  Well, I plan to post about them, hopefully along with a tutorial, this week.  Stay tuned!!

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