Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Todays the Day!

After talking about it and planning it out for months, the patio "construction" is starting today!

In the picture you can see that we took off the lattice and stairs and removed the remaining landscaping stones.  Then we roped it off to look at the size.  It was supposed to be 12'x28' but I decided to add one more foot so it will be 13'x28'. Reason being, I wanted to make sure that with furniture on the patio, there was still plenty of room to walk around.  12' looked just too small and I honestly think that one extra foot will definitely help.

Today they are going to dig out the area and level it.  I'm so anxious to get home tonight and see the progress!

So speaking of patio furniture, if I haven't said so already, I plan to move this furniture on the deck down to the patio.

And here is my inspiration picture for how I'd like my deck to eventually look.
I started working towards it yesterday when I had this great find on craigslist!
I plan to clean it up and stain it, make it look as good as new!  And I will use one bench on one of the sides and then eventually replace the other bench with 2 nice chairs like in my inspiration picture.  A bonus of this set is that it actually folds up, making it easy to move.  So if we ever want to put it out in the yard to have a family picnic or whatever, it'd be no problem.  

Stay tuned for more patio progress pics!

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