Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's really happening!

When I got home last night the guys were just finishing up for the day.  They worked hard that's for sure!  Apparently there ended up being a lot more dirt than they thought so we paid them to haul off a load and even then there was A LOT left.  We had them put it in the garden
That's about 2/3 of what they put in there.  This pic was taken after Jake used it to level out one side of the garden.  And then there was still more!  It's piled up behind the shed.
 Whew!  Dirt overload!  But anyway, here's the progress!

You may see even more dirt was pushed up under the deck!  (we'll be covering that up with pickets though so you wont see it when everything's done.)
 You can see here we'll have to build a small retaining wall.

Stay tuned later today, I'll be posting a few pics of the room I painted last weekend!

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