Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Raeleigh!

Okay, okay, so her birthday is still over a month away.  But she got her present early for a couple reasons.  1. It looked like prices were starting to increase.  2.  It was actually on sale and had free shipping.  3. The earlier she gets it, the more she gets to enjoy it this summer.

I took pictures of the assembly process which I will post later.  It's almost done but you will notice it's still missing the rock climbing wall.  Raeleigh stayed with my parents this weekend.  When she came back she really needed a nap.  So we laid her down, but then it was time to get her up for dinner and for the big reveal.  Here is the video we took of the occasion.  

Since she was so sleepy when she first saw it.  I decided to video tape her again a little later so you could see how super stoked she really is.  Yes we changed into swimsuits because it was hot out there and we were playing in the water.

And now enjoy some pics! 

Helping Daddy with the rockwall

Oh ya know, just bein' cute.

LOL, she did that all on her own.

We were blowing raspberries at eachother.

She thought it was funny.

[Shout outs to Granny(she went in on it with us), Greg and Bobby(for helping build).  Also to Korey and Myra (for lending their husbands for a day).]

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