Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

If you didn't already know... I turned 30 this past weekend!  I guess I'm supposed to bummed about that?  But I'm totally not.  I think the reason people get bummed is when they hit a landmark birthday and they haven't achieved what they wanted to by that age.  However, I'm so happy with my life that turning 30 was actually fun!  I spent the day with my husband and daughter eating good food and just having fun together.  My birthday weekend as a whole was great.

Saturday I went to Jake's Dad's house to celebrate my birthday and Jake's Dad's and Granny's birthday.  It was fun as it always is over there.  We ate delicious food and hung out for awhile.  We hung out so long in fact that Raeleigh didn't get her second nap and it was past her bedtime!  We finally left around 8. As we came around the curve to pull up to our house there was a red car parked in the driveway.  Surprise!!  It was my parents!!  I would have been shocked if they didn't come see me on my birthday.  I was hoping so badly that they would, and there they were!  So Sunday morning Raeleigh was overloaded with Disney souvenirs that my parents had gotten her when they were there last month.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite so she LOVED her presents!

Then we went to Ocean Zen for lunch where Jake gave me a beautiful necklace.  He said he wanted to give me something special that would last.  Then we all went to the park.

My parents left after that.  Sunday night Jake went into the studio to record.  So after I laid Raeleigh down I had some very enjoyable me time.  It consisted of playing on the computer, then crashing on the couch with snacks and polishing my toenails.  Those simple pleasures I never seem to have the time to do anymore. 

Monday was the big day!  We got up and got ready then Jake, Raeleigh and I went to Panera to relax and have breakfast as a family.

Then we brought Raeleigh home to nap.  After that is was off to the airport!  YEP!  WE BOUGHT OUR TICKETS!!!  I'm so excited to go on this family trip.  It'll be such a blast!

After the airport we went to a late lunch early dinner.  Of all places I chose to eat at Applebees on my birthday, I don't know why, just sounded good. =)  

Anyway, there is a summary of my weekend.  

I'll get on that posting home progress pics soon enough.

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