Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Paint!

My painting project is done!  Here are some "in the midst" pics...

And here it is now!  The gray I used is called Aspen Gray by Valspar, but I had it mixed in Olympic One paint.

As you may notice, I'm lacking accessories but I'm going to be shopping for pretty much all new ones, so it'll look a little naked for awhile.  Also, we took the rug out.  I was trying to make it last until we got a new one but little Miss Roxie had begun using it as a toilet (gross I know) and we couldn't get the smell out.  So now we will be rugless while I save for a new (and bigger) one.

For fun here are some, way before, before and current pics.



 I'm VERY happy with the change.  Feels much more me.  Cant wait to get some new decor in there!

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