Thursday, July 19, 2012

Growing up and Shaping up

The post title today is in reference to 2 things.  The first being our Raeleigh.  She is growing up SO fast!  The things that she remembers and the way she puts sentences together blows my mind.  She seemed like such a big girl when I picked her up from daycare yesterday and we were walking down the hall and she points straight ahead to the cafeteria/gym and says "I eat my food over there."  She was giving her Mommy a tour of her school, it was the sweetest thing.  And this morning when Jake was taking her and they were walking up to it she says "That's my school!"

She is so proud of her new school, she absolutely loves it!  And we can seriously already see a difference in her after just one week.  She comes home talking up a storm.  And I'll ask her what she did at school and she'll tell me all about it.  Yes it's bitter sweet because my baby is turning into a big girl but I'm more proud of her than anything.  Here again is a picture of her from her first day of her new daycare. 

So what about "Shaping up"?  Well, Jake and I have been doing P90x for the last week and a half. ME! Working out!?  It's nuts.  But I'm actually enjoying it for once.  I'm already seeing a little difference and I'm definitely feeling it, which is exciting.  My plan is to keep it up at least until we go to California.  I'm eating healthy too.  Not that I'm one to eat unhealthy but I'm just making smarter decisions here and there with regards to my eating.  Even if I don't get great results appearance-wise, I'm just happy to be a healthier person taking care of myself.

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  1. Yay! You will love how wonderful you feel after working out for a few weeks... Keep me posted on your results!