Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What an Odd Weekend

So again, my weekends are Sat-Tue.  That's why I usually post about my weekend on Wednesday.
I'll get to the odd part in a minute...

Well, the end of last week found me gaining another nephew!
Congrats Korey, Bobby and Parker!  I can not WAIT to meet Lincoln! So that puts me at a running total of 9 nephews and 2 nieces. Whew!

Do you ever have those times where you are cleaning your house and decide to clean a little deeper and then discover there are a lot of dirty places you hadn't even noticed?  I was cleaning my kitchen floor this weekend when I noticed that dirt had piled up around the edges and cemented itself there.  All this time I thought it was a poorly done grouting job.  SO I got out a toothbrush and butter knife and went to town.  But that wasn't good enough!  The baseboards looked so dingy I decided to paint them!  (I'll try to post pics of the before and after tonight, don't have them on this computer.)  Fortunately Raeleigh took a good nap so I was able to get all of that done.

Sunday morning while blow drying my hair my hair dryer caught on fire!  It was nuts.  I first saw a big poof of smoke then it started shooting out sparks and flames!  It was kind of scary because I didn't know what to do.  So when it stopped for a second I yanked the plug out of the wall.

Monday we went swimming at Jake's grandparents subdivision pool as we usually do.  Only this time we werent in there long before I had a yellowjacket land on my neck.  He wouldn't fly away so Korey and Jake yelled at me to go under water. So I did and came back up, he was still there!  So I went under again, only this time when I came back up I was screaming because he stung me under the water! Ridiculous.  So we cut the swimming short because we didn't want Parker or Raeleigh to get stung.

Tuesday I woke up to an AWFUL headache.  I could barely move.  I got up and tried to "walk it off" so to speak.  I got up made coffee, sat back in bed.  Jake went and got Raeleigh up and brought her into bed.  Then I proceeded to the bathroom where I... threw up.  Then for the rest of the day I had the worst migraine known to man that made me keep throwing up.  Jake had to go to work so I had no help with Raeleigh.  Fortunately she was very sweet and played nicely by herself on the floor while I laid on the couch.  This was the damage by days end.

She was so precious every time I was sitting on the bathroom floor she'd come in and check on me "You okay Mom?"  I LOVE that little girl!!!

I'm feeling much better today but man that was one weird weekend.

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