Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Garage... sort of.

Ok, so at this point it's obvious to me that I may never take the time to pull the cars out of the garage and make sure everything is in place for proper before and after pictures.  But instead of ignoring this project on my blog all together I at least ran out to the garage to take a few quick pics as best I could.
So first.... the before!!!  The garage was AWFUL!  As someone who likes things to be clean and organized, this space was not working for me.  It was yuck to have to come home to everyday.  And after we moved in we still had a bunch of boxes stacked up in the garage for at least 8 months.  So these before pics were actually the best it had looked before the re-do.

First I will acknowledge Raeleigh in the pic who was helping us clean up. =)  Then I will point out... orange lamps I was trying to sell on Craigslist, hanging clothes from my garage sale I had months ago and poorly piled on shelves that did not give us the room we needed for storage.

A closer shot of the shelves.

The other side.  AHHH!  We did have a large rubbermaid shed thing in this corner but we sold it on Craigslist.

The rest of the other side.  (Pretend you don't see that headboard(a future project).)  But do notice all of the holes we had to patch on the walls!

This is what greeted me when I got home every night.  Look at the mess I had to walk past.

The hub in the midst of working on the garage.

And now, look at this door!  Puke!

And the trim!  Now... the door handle is okay, BUT we actually put that in when we first moved in.

More of the door, trim and dirty wall.
It gets worse before it gets better!
First new set of shelves is up!

Getting there!  (Yes Raeleigh had spilled a drink all over her dress.)

And now the afters!  So, what did we do? Patched and painted all the walls a light gray.  And we used a satin finish so the walls could be cleaned.  The had been previously painted with what appeared to be a flat or eggshell sheen so they just looked so dirty!  We also patched, primed and painted all the trim.  And as you can see I painted the door black.  I love my black door and have always wanted to try painting a door black and this was the perfect one to do it on. 

We got 3 set of shelves.  Selling our Rubbermaid shed fully paid for 2 sets of theses shelves, which was great!  The shelf in this picture looks empty b/c it usually houses Raeleighs stroller but it was in Jake's car when I took this pic.  Also you can see the spot we left open to eventually move the deep freeze to, but again we are just waiting on getting an outlet put in over there.

This is what I get to come home to now.  So much better.

A better shot of these shelves.  I will eventually put labels on these totes but for now I do know where to find everything.

And now lets compare the door and trim side by side.

And another B&A.

I'm very pleased with this improvement!

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