Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House Tour Part One

*note:  I'm not sure why the pictures in my old posts are disappearing so I apologize for that.  Hopefully I can get that figured out, but we'll see... 

This week I'm showing half of the house, the entry and living room and all of the upstairs. 

Here is our living room/entry.  The room that's evolved the most over the last year. 
and tah-dah!  Theres that new piece of furniture!  After a LONG story (I've decided not to get into because it is a long ridiculous story) I finally have my new pretty furniture in there.  Don't laugh at our tiny tv.  A new tv in there is low on the priority list so I borrowed this one from the guest bedroom in the meantime.  In case it's hard to tell, the recessed panels on the cabinets are mirrors, it's really pretty in person.
Hopefully we will get our new fan in the next couple months for this room.

Here is the office.  Not a lot of changes since my last post on it.  We still need to change out our fan for the one we still have sitting in our garage.
Oh and no our carpets don't always look like that.  We had just gotten them professionally cleaned.

Here's my little Rae Rae's room.  It wont look like this much longer! Sad but exciting!

Not much different in our boring bathroom.  Although I did finally add blinds to cover the ugly glass block window.

The master bedroom.  Which makes me so happy.  I love my bedroom.  I still need a new fan for it but everything else is pretty much done for now.  Although I'll probably eventually add more dramatic curtains, probably floor to ceiling.

Raeleigh's bathroom...

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