Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New House Tour- Coming Soon!

So, in walking around my home this weekend I got such a big smile on my face thinking about how far it's already come.  Yes it has a long way to go (not that it isn't nice how it is, I just see it being so much more!) but where it is now makes me happy.  So I plan to post some new pictures.  It will also be a good "before" to compare to changes I make by the end of this year. 

I've actually already made some changes this year.  I've purchased 2 sets of bookshelves for Raeleigh.  One set has 2 shelves and it will go in her room, the other has 3 and is in her playroom (area).  Here is a picture I took yesterday after setting up her new shelves in her play room.  It's a poor quality photo from my phone and I still have a lot more to do, moving stuff around and what not, but here it is...

So they are the shelves in the far back.  The shelves that were in that spot, I turned on their side and put behind the couch.  Because if there's anything a 2 year old needs it's STORAGE!  So many books and toys!  On a side note, as I know other mothers reading this will know just what I mean... I love when you rearrange a child's toys it's like a whole new world for them and they rediscover the toys they already had.  I definitely suggest switching up your child's toy arrangement from time to time, or stash some away and rotate them out.  It creates a lot more interest for your little one. 

So, let me say the shelves I purchased were these from Target and I HIGHLY recommend them.  If you are looking for a low cost set of book shelves these are the best value I've found.  And they actually have "character" with the nice bulked up shelf fronts and the detailing under the top and on the sides.  They were also very easy to put together.

You may or may not notice I also purchased new curtains for the family room.  Here is a "real life" shot of them.  As in, no cleaning up involved, it's just a picture I took with my phone to send to my mom.

I LOVE them!  They were on sale from Target and I used my Target debit card and got an extra 5% off plus free shipping! =)

So this is the new direction I'm taking my family room.  As I referenced in this post this is a change I've been wanting to make and these curtains are a good jumping off point for me. 

And lastly because I just can't ignore what day it is.... Happy birthday to my amazing husband!!!

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