Thursday, March 21, 2013

A little better

Well our guest room ended up having some changes made to it.

When I first designed Raeleigh's bedroom (in my head) I had decided to use her existing espresso colored dresser.  So I got a small dresser/nightstand to match.  However, when it got closer to time to redo Raeleigh's room I made the switch and decided she needed a white dresser.  I just wanted her room to be very light and airy feeling and the dark furniture just wasn't going to do.

So then I ended up with extra furniture.  A good problem to have especially when that very furniture was needed in our guest room.  Well on top of a new dresser and a new nightstand we also got a new headboard.... for free.  Because it's actually just a part of Raeleigh's crib.  It was a convertible crib so although it's meant to use for a full sized bed and the guest bed is a queen, it still works. Oh and I also found a white bed skirt in my attic to use.

So here's where the guest room was before the recent additions.

And here it is now.

 (join me as I pretend you dont notice the finger smudges in this pic)

And just for fun let's compare the bedroom from where it was right after we moved in to now.

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