Monday, March 18, 2013

My recent project is...

My new TV wall!  I never liked my TV wall before.  I just kind of threw something up there to fill the space.  I never even took a close up of it for this blog... not that I can remember anyway.  Heres the best I found:

But that wall (in my mind anyway) has always called for something more substantial. And well.... until we can afford a huge faux built-in entertainment center, I needed something to keep me happy in the mean time.  I had always been inspired by this picture on Pinterest:

Que, a visit to Target.  I found several frames that were being clearanced out.  I bought them all. However it wasn't enough.  Thankfully my Mom lives near several Targets and found the rest I needed and even cheaper than my clearance price!  So my project ended up being half the price I thought I'd end up spending. 

I thought about explaining how I did the measuring but I wont get into all that.  If you want to copy the look I just suggest drawing it out on paper because that helped a lot.  So here is the finished product!  I haven't yet put in our pictures but I plan to make them all black and white.  

 You'll also see in this picture the new curtains I wrote about quite awhile ago.... also from Target.  (Yes I love Target)
I'd like to add a chair or maybe 2 chairs flanking the tv. maybe with a floor lamp just to kind of break up things a bit and fill those spaces.  But for now I'm at least much happier than I was before!

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