Friday, March 15, 2013

If it aint broke, you can still fix it!

This weekend I will be posting some pictures of what Raeleigh helped me do a couple weeks ago.  I might even go as far as to show a few exciting updates around the home so please check back for that.

Today I wanted to reveal what my next project will be.... as someone who THRIVES on being organized, I'm very excited to say that my next project I will be tackling is our home office.  According to my original plans you could say it's practically complete.  But guess what... I don't like it.  And I think if you walk into a room in your home and it bums you out more than lifts you up, CHANGE IT!

When I painted my office blue back in Fall of 2011.  I pictured it being much more exciting than it turned out to be.  I was inspired by John and Sherry's (Young House Love) guest bedroom.  A space I still love.  But my room looked so dark and dingy compared to theirs.  I thought putting in light curtains white shelves and a white desk would brighten it up.  But compared to their 2 windows, and cheery fabric colors they have I just wasn't getting there.  Plus, I've discovered my true style a lot more over just the last year.  So, even if I could totally duplicate their room, I wouldn't now.

Here are some most recent pictures I have of our office.

It's oookaaay, but doesn't thrill me.  So here's what I plan to do:

-Paint the room light gray (Gray.. surprise, surprise)
-Make new curtains (something I can do now with my handy new sewing machine!)
-Get a new BIGGER MUCH MORE FUNCTIONAL desk (something I've already had someone give me a great quote on to custom make for me).
-Replace the bookshelves with some that are slightly bigger and more aesthetically pleasing.
-Remove couch and add 2 chairs in place of it.
-Replace Computer chair.
-New decor.
-Add shelves to office closet
-Replace ceiling fan.
-Create a space for Jake's song writing?

Some of these things may take awhile to get done.  We don't have a budget really set aside for it.  But little by little we will knock this out.

I'm picturing my new office and can see me sitting at the computer working while Raeleigh sits across the big desk from me working on her homework.  I want this place to be inviting and multifunctional.  Can't wait!

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