Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It wasn't until we put in our new chandelier in the kitchen last year (seen here) that I realized what a huge difference a new fixture makes.  This house not only came with builders grade fixtures, but some rather ugly ones at that!
This was the fan in our office.
 Not the worst thing in the world but definitely not our style.  So when my sister in law said she was finishing up at a lighting expo (or whatever its called that she travels and does as a part of her job with Emerson) and wanted to know if I wanted a free fan they were done using. I said send it our way!  And she did.

Well it took us awhile to get to it because we'd never really put a fan up on our own before and maybe it intimidated us? I don't know.  But we finally got around to it (and honestly just take your time, make sure youre doing it right, and its not that hard at all).  But there was a problem.  The fan was smoking!  We wondered if it had to do with faulty glue on the light kit that Bethany (my sis in law) warned me about so we put on the extra light kit she sent, but same thing.  So... I contacted Bethany and she said Emerson would send us another light kit for free.  That didn't work either it was still smoking.  Emerson is such a great company.  The quality control manager said he'd like us to pick out another fan, a brand new one, for free.  So we did!  We picked out the same one that's in Raeleigh's room, because we like it so much and since the rooms are right next to eachother I thought it would look nice so the rooms, though styled different, still have a cohesive look.  So we took the first one down (or I guess the second if you include the original.) 
Here's a pic I got as Jake was taking it down.
 Emerson cares so much about putting out a good product they asked if they could see the fan we had problems with to make sure whatever it is thats going wrong doesn't happen again.  Our conclusion, we think it was the light bulbs and nothing wrong with the actual fan at all.  But we'll see what the fine folks at Emerson think.  
So anyway, they sent us our beautiful new fan. And here it is...

I love it already but I think it will look even more amazing with all the changes I plan to do in this room.
So conclusion... With so few companies that seem to care anymore, it was refreshing to see that Emerson did and I think they are an amazing company.  Conclusion 2: I love new fixtures! And I have another one I'll be putting up in a few weeks that I can't wait to show you!

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